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Automobile Import/Export

Effortless Vehicle Trade.

Effortless Global Vehicle Trade for Individuals and Dealerships

Discover J-GYU JAPAN LLC's seamless import and export solutions for automobiles. We specialize in procuring and delivering a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury vehicles, catering to the needs of individuals, businesses, and dealerships. Our extensive network and expertise in logistics enable us to provide hassle-free vehicle trade with efficient processes and transparent communication.

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At J-GYU JAPAN LLC, we specialize in facilitating effortless global vehicle trade for individuals and dealerships. Our comprehensive automobile import/export service is designed to simplify the process, providing a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.


Vehicle Sourcing

Our vehicle sourcing service allows you to find and import specific vehicle models that match your preferences. If you have a particular make, model, or configuration in mind, our dedicated team will leverage our extensive network and resources to source the vehicle for you. With access to auctions, dealerships, and private sellers, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to locate the vehicle that meets your exact specifications. Whether it's a rare collectible or the latest model, we strive to fulfill your automotive dreams.

Reach Out and Connect

Find our contact information and reach out to us for inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or any assistance you may need.

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